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Vehicle Durability

APS  believes that a vehicles success comes from thorough durability evaluation and testing, which are performed through a combination of component and vehicle tests from prototype to production stages.

APS can manage your fleet of evaluation, durability or mileage accumulation vehicles; Test them over a range of road surfaces & loadings (city, highway, country, dirt, mountain, hot and cold weather conditions, altitude testing, rig testing, etc.) and speeds dependant on your specific requirements. APS provide regular reports on progress, testing and measurements, and make informed engineering judgements and suggestions on any outcomes, as required or requested. Vehicles and equipment are securely and confidentially stored at our workshop facilities.

Public Road

On road durability testing highlights real world issues and can provide varied road types and conditions depending on the vehicle and testing required. APS   has a large database of test routes around Australia to give the necessary driving schedule breakdown.


Secure Proving Ground

APS can conduct testing at several secure proving grounds around Australia,- Angelsea AARC- Woomera, if sensitive prototypes are required to be tested.

Prototype Vehicle Testing

Testing Proto Vehicles on Public roads using camaflage

APS  have been involved with the early development of several prototype vehicles. APS   have specialty drivers trained in this area of expertise and have a team of engineers on hand with over 20 years in OEM prototyping.

Production Vehicle Testing

APS have built a reputation for being a market leader in the development of production vehicle testing, we have now completed many production vehicle durability tests since 2002.



Hot Testing

Hot testing on unsealed roads in Northern Territory

APS conducts regular hot testing trips in the Northern Territory, we use this location because of the average temperatures in the summer months which reach between 40°C – 50°C. APS have the use of a secure workshop facility when in Alice Springs so we can carry out any repairs or investigations in the security of the workshop.


Snow driving in high country

Cold Testing

Cold testing is conducted in the Victorian Alpine region with temperatures averaging below -3°C during the winter months. Many Australian vehicle manufactures use this area to complete cold calibration tests.

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