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Double the Capacity of Your Vehicle Fleet

Transfer Four Loaded Coffins In A Single Van مواقع تحليل اسعار الذهب

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Body Hoist System


The APS Body Hoist System is packed full of features that are specifically designed for ease of use, convenience and cost efficiency.

The hydraulic lift system allows for maximum utilization of your fleet and can be installed in vans with refrigeration capabilities to maximize the amount of value you can receive from your vehicles.

In addition, the unit has medical grade stainless steel beds with a durable powder coated structure. This feature allows the entire system to be pressure washed or chemically cleaned, protecting the unit from any ingress.

Other Features include:

  • Easy one person operation
  • German stainless rollers with spring loaded shafts for easy maintenance.
  • Phased hydraulic cylinders with a lift of 600mm.
  • Electronics and Hydraulics are packaged neatly into the side step to maximize space in the cargo area.
  • Modified rear nudge bar set to facilitate automatic stretcher collapse during loading.
  • 4x location adjustable coffin stops to retain coffins/stretchers during transport.
  • Tether hooks on rear pillars.
  • Stainless inner guard bump plates


  • Modular design allows optimization of space in a variety of vehicle types.
  • Easily retrofitable to update existing vehicles or new vehicle kits available.
  • Has been used in refrigerated transport with a slight impedance to storage capacity.
  • Interior can be trimmed or upholstered to your specification.
  • Single roller beds also available.
  • Can be easily modified to suit your requirements


  • Electronics and Hydraulics are packaged neatly into the side step to maximize space in the cargo area.
  •  Sealed wall dividing operators cabin from cargo area
  • 3 drawer cabinet extra storage behind drivers seat
  • Optional space wheel rack for LPG vehicles
  • Internal LED lights including side door for identification, more can be added to your specification.
  • Secondary battery pack wired with isolator.
  • All windows can be blacked out


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