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Individual Services بيع اسهم في المحفظة

  • VASS (Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme) or “Engineer”s Certificate” which is required for modified and imported vehicles. We can assess your vehicle, perform the work to get it up to scratch and then certify it for registration.
  • Performance tuning on in house chassis dyne. Our engineers and technicians are well versed in most of the popular engine tuning systems, ie. Autronic, Motec and SCT. We are a distributor of SCT the best and most cost effective way of improving the power and efficiency of your late model Falcon or Commodore.
  • Race Car preparation. Our engineers and technicians are well versed in all aspects of vehicle motor-sport preparation and have helped many reduce their lap times safely and durably. Our technician/mechanic Anthony Hazlam “Hazza” is a well known and respected Lotus expert that can help with all your race preparation requests.
  • Vehicle Maintenance. We at APS are well trained in keeping your exotic and performance vehicles running smoothly, call us to ask how we can help you.
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